Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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Meeting DateDocument Type 
06/27/2019  DRAFT LCB 06272019 Agenda.pdf
06/27/2019Meeting Agenda DRAFT LCB 06272019 Agenda.pdf
05/23/2019  LCB 05232019 Agenda.pdf
05/23/2019Meeting Agenda LCB 05232019 Agenda.pdf
05/23/2019Meeting Minutes LCB 05232019 minutes (2).pdf
04/25/2019  LCB 04252019 Minutes.pdf
04/25/2019  LCB 04252019 Agenda.pdf
04/25/2019Meeting Agenda LCB 04252019 Agenda.pdf
04/25/2019Meeting Minutes LCB 04252019 Minutes.pdf
02/28/2019Meeting Agenda LCB 02282019 Agenda.pdf
02/28/2019Meeting Minutes LCB 02282019 Minutes Accessible.pdf
01/24/2019Meeting Agenda LCB 01242019 Agenda.pdf
01/24/2019Meeting Minutes LCB 01242019 Minutes.pdf
12/13/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 12132018 Agenda.pdf
10/25/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 10252018Agenda.pdf
10/25/2018Meeting Minutes LCB 10252018 Minutes and Backup.pdf
09/27/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 09272018Agenda.pdf
09/27/2018Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes and Attachments 09272018.pdf
08/23/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 08232018Agenda.pdf
08/23/2018Meeting Minutes LCB 08232018 Minutes with back up.pdf
07/26/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 07262018Agenda.pdf
06/21/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 06212018Agenda.pdf
05/24/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 05242018Agenda.pdf
05/24/2018Meeting Minutes LCB 05242018.pdf
04/26/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 04226018Agenda.pdf
04/26/2018Meeting Minutes LCB 04226018Minutes.pdf
03/22/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 03222018Agenda1674.pdf
03/22/2018Meeting Minutes LCB 30222018 Minutes (V2).pdf
02/22/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 02222018 Agenda.pdf
01/25/2018Meeting Agenda LCB 01252018 Agenda.pdf
12/07/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 12072017 agenda.pdf
12/07/2017Meeting Minutes LCB 12072017 Minutes.pdf
10/26/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 10262017 agenda.pdf
10/26/2017Meeting Minutes LCB 10262017 Minutes.pdf
09/28/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 09282017 agenda.pdf
08/24/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 08242017 agenda.pdf
08/24/2017Meeting Minutes LCB 08242017 minutes.pdf
06/22/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 06222017 agenda.pdf
04/27/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 04272017 agenda.pdf
04/27/2017Meeting Minutes LCB 04272017minutes.pdf
04/27/2017Meeting Document HillmanEval_final.pdf
03/30/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 03302017 agenda.pdf
03/30/2017Meeting Minutes LCBmeetingminutes03302017.pdf
03/30/2017Meeting Document ElwoodEvaluation.pdf
02/23/2017Meeting Agenda LCB 02232017 agenda.pdf
02/23/2017Meeting Document WilderEvaluation Final.pdf
02/23/2017Meeting Document Parcel E Evaluation.pdf
11/16/2016Meeting Agenda LCB 161116 agenda.docx
11/16/2016Meeting Minutes LCB 161116 minutes.pdf
08/24/2016Meeting Agenda LCB 16824 agenda.pdf
08/24/2016Meeting Minutes LCB 160824 minutes.pdf
04/20/2016Meeting Agenda LCB 16420 agenda.pdf
04/20/2016Meeting Minutes LCB 160420 minutes.pdf
04/20/2016Meeting Document Attendance Report.pdf
04/20/2016Meeting Document LCB Workshop Minutes_2.24.16.pdf
04/20/2016Meeting Document Tracts.jpg
02/24/2016Meeting Agenda LCB 160224 agenda.pdf
02/24/2016Meeting Minutes LCB Workshop Minutes_2.24.16.pdf
02/24/2016Meeting Document ACF A list FEGN.jpg
02/24/2016Meeting Document ACF A list1.jpg
01/27/2016Meeting Agenda LCB 160127 agenda.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Fr FDEP Soverignty Lands.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Bandel & Bandel Evaluation.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document LCB 151028 Minutes.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document LCB-BYLAWS.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Resolution 15-106.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Resolution 00-60.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Ordinance 00-13.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Attendance Report 160127.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Reso 15-134.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document chr16.018 Letter of Support - FL Communities Trust program.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document LSL Smith CE Evaluation.pdf
01/27/2016Meeting Document Final Alachua County_FL Feasibility Study 12-18-2015.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Agenda LCB 151028 agenda.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Minutes LCB 151028 Minutes.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document LCB 150819 minutes.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document Attendance Report 151028.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document application form.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document Application Form.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document Tacachale.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document Vories Evaluation.pdf
10/28/2015Meeting Document Page Evaluation.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Agenda LCB 150819 agenda.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Minutes LCB 150819 minutes.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Document LCB 150506 Minutes.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Document LCB 150429 minutes.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Document Attendance Report 150819.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Document LCB2016 workplan.pdf
08/19/2015Meeting Document LCB 150729 Minutes.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Agenda LCB 150729 agenda.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Minutes LCB 150729 Minutes.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Document Attendance Report 150729.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Document LCB-BYLAWS_revised2015.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Document Proposed Resolution 14-050 Revision 2015.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Document LCB 150429 minutes.pdf
07/29/2015Meeting Document LCB 150506 Minutes.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Agenda LCB 150506 agenda.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Minutes LCB 150506 Minutes.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Document Miller CE Application Form.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Document Desktop Evaluation Miller.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Document Desktop Evaluation Knellinger.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Document Desktop Evaluation Sleepy Hollow-Etherington.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Document application form.pdf
05/06/2015Meeting Document Sleepy Hollow.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Agenda LCB 150429 agenda.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Minutes LCB 150429 minutes.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Attendance Report 150429.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document 150128 Minutes.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document BBF Rayonier Evaluation Final.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Eddy & Hodges Evaluation.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Outler Evaluation.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document TPL Scope of Work for Alachua County.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document UPDATEDAlachuaCountyFeasibilityMay2008.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document chr15.035 Request for technical assistance for transaction of public land.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Amendment 1 15Budget comparison.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Desktop Evaluation Knellinger.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Desktop Evaluation Sleepy Hollow-Etherington.pdf
04/29/2015Meeting Document Desktop Evaluation Miller.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Agenda LCB January 28 2014 agenda.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Minutes 150128 Minutes.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Document Nomination Form.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Document Sleepy Hollow.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Document Dudding Evaluation.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Document Miller CE Application Form.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Document LCB October 29 2014 Minutes.pdf
01/28/2015Meeting Document Attendance Report 150128.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Agenda LCB October 29 2014 agenda.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Minutes LCB October 29 2014 Minutes.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Document Nomination Form.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Document Attendance Report 141029.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Document LCB2015 workplan.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Document LCB May 27 2014 minutes.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Document LCB Minutes 140717.pdf
10/29/2014Meeting Document LCB Minutes_8 26 14 meeting.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Agenda LCB August 26 2014 agenda.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes_8 26 14 meeting.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document LCB July 17 2014 minutes.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document LCB May 27 2014 minutes.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document Attendance Report 140826.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document LCB2015 workplan.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document Memo to Advisory Bd Members.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document UFF Property Application 2014-02.pdf
08/26/2014Meeting Document CAO Memo re Plum Creek Attendance 140722.pdf
07/17/2014Meeting Agenda LCB July 17 2014 agenda.pdf
07/17/2014Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes 140717.pdf
07/17/2014Meeting Document LDR Setbacks.pdf
07/17/2014Meeting Document TRAILS.pdf
07/17/2014Meeting Document Barr Hammock Management Plan revised pages.pdf
05/27/2014Meeting Agenda LCB May 27 2014 agenda.pdf
05/27/2014Meeting Minutes LCB May 27 2014 minutes.pdf
05/27/2014Meeting Document LCB Minutes 140225 meeting.pdf
05/27/2014Meeting Document Attendance Record through Feb 2014.pdf
05/27/2014Meeting Document Barr Hammock Meisel Concerns 140420.pdf
02/25/2014Meeting Agenda LCB February 25 2014 agenda.pdf
02/25/2014Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes 140225 meeting.pdf
02/25/2014Meeting Document LCB minutes 11-19-13.pdf
02/25/2014Meeting Document Attendance Report 20140225pdf.pdf
02/25/2014Meeting Document Outler Nomination Form.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Agenda LCB workshop 11-19-13 Agenda.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Minutes LCB workshop 11-19-13 Minutes.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Document Workshop Docs.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Agenda LCB November 19 2013 agenda.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Minutes LCB minutes 11-19-13.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Document Meeting Docs.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Document Attendance Report 131119.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Document Carr Family Corp Minutes.pdf
11/19/2013Meeting Document LCB minutes 8-27-13.pdf
08/27/2013Meeting Agenda LCB August 27 2013 agenda.pdf
08/27/2013Meeting Minutes LCB minutes 8-27-13.pdf
08/27/2013Meeting Document LCB2014workplan.pdf
08/27/2013Meeting Document LCB minutes 5-28-13.pdf
08/27/2013Meeting Document LCB Attendance 130827.pdf
05/28/2013Meeting Agenda LCB May 28 2013 agenda.pdf
05/28/2013Meeting Minutes LCB minutes 130528.pdf
05/28/2013Meeting Document Teuton Evaluation.pdf
05/28/2013Meeting Document CarrFamilyEvaluation.pdf
05/28/2013Meeting Document LCB February 26 2013 minutes.pdf
02/26/2013Meeting Agenda LCB February 26 2013 agenda.pdf
02/26/2013Meeting Minutes LCB February 26 2013 minutes.pdf
02/26/2013Meeting Document LCB minutes11-27-12.pdf
02/26/2013Meeting Document Attendance Report.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Agenda LCB November 27 2012 agenda.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Minutes LCB minutes11-27-12.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Document Attendance 121127.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Document acf car.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Document acf sar.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Document acf wil.pdf
11/27/2012Meeting Document LCB August 28 2012_Minutes.pdf
08/28/2012Meeting Agenda LCB August 28 2012 agenda.pdf
08/28/2012Meeting Minutes LCB August 28 2012_Minutes.pdf
08/28/2012Meeting Document Acquisition List Status report.pdf
08/28/2012Meeting Document Attendance Report.pdf
08/28/2012Meeting Document LCB2013workplan.pdf
08/28/2012Meeting Document LCB May 29 2012_Minutes.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Agenda LCB May 29 2012 agenda.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Minutes LCB May 29 2012_Minutes.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Document Attendance Report 120529.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Document Higginbotham Ranch Evaluation.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Document Cox and Moore Evaluation.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Document Mims Evaluation.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Document Shimer Application.pdf
05/29/2012Meeting Document LCB Feb 28 2012_Minutes.pdf
02/28/2012Meeting Agenda LCB February 28 agenda.pdf
02/28/2012Meeting Minutes LCB Feb 28 2012_Minutes.pdf
02/28/2012Meeting Document LCB Nov 29 2011_Minutes.pdf
02/28/2012Meeting Document 120228 Attendance report.pdf
02/28/2012Meeting Document alachualetterpage1.pdf
11/29/2011Meeting Agenda LCB November 29 2011 agenda.pdf
11/29/2011Meeting Minutes LCB Nov 29 2011_Minutes.pdf
11/29/2011Meeting Document attendance report for sept 27 2011 LCB meeting.pdf
11/29/2011Meeting Document Higginbotham Ranch Evaluation.pdf
11/29/2011Meeting Document ACF Cattle Grazing Business Plan 111011.pdf
09/27/2011Meeting Agenda LCB September 27 2011 agenda.pdf
09/27/2011Meeting Minutes LCB Sept 27 2011_Minutes.pdf
09/27/2011Meeting Document Attendance Report.pdf
09/27/2011Meeting Document LCB August 25 2011 minutes.pdf
09/27/2011Meeting Document Acquisition List Status report.pdf
08/25/2011Meeting Agenda LCB August 25 2011 agenda.pdf
08/25/2011Meeting Minutes LCB August 25 2011 minutes.pdf
04/28/2011Meeting Agenda LCB April 28, 2010 agenda.pdf
04/28/2011Meeting Minutes LCB April 28 2011_minutes CH.pdf
02/10/2011Meeting Agenda LCB February 10 2011 agenda.pdf
02/10/2011Meeting Minutes LCB February 10 2011 Minutes.pdf
01/27/2011Meeting Agenda LCB January 27, 2011 agenda.pdf
01/27/2011Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes_January 27 2011.pdf
01/13/2011Meeting Agenda LCB January 13, 2011 agenda.docx
01/13/2011Meeting Minutes LCB January 13, 2011 minutes.pdf
12/16/2010Meeting Agenda LCB December 16, 2010 agenda.pdf
12/16/2010Meeting Minutes LCB December 16, 2010 minutes.pdf
10/28/2010Meeting Agenda LCB October 28, 2010 agenda.pdf
10/28/2010Meeting Minutes LCB October 28, 2010 Minutes.pdf
07/22/2010Meeting Agenda LCB July 22 2010 agenda.pdf
04/22/2010Meeting Agenda LCB April 22 2010 agenda packet.pdf
04/22/2010Meeting Minutes LCB_April 22 2010_Minutes_CMH version_SHadditions.pdf
02/25/2010Meeting Agenda LCB Feb 25 2010 agenda.pdf
02/25/2010Meeting Minutes LCB Feb 25 2010 minutes.pdf
12/17/2009Meeting Agenda Dec172009 agenda and back-up.pdf
12/17/2009Meeting Minutes LCB Dec 17 2009 minutes.pdf
10/22/2009Meeting Agenda 10-22-2009 agenda.pdf
10/22/2009Meeting Minutes Oct222009 LCB minutes.pdf
08/27/2009Meeting Agenda LCB090827mtg.pdf
08/27/2009Meeting Minutes 08-27-2009 minutes.pdf
06/25/2009Meeting Agenda LCB090625mtg.pdf
06/25/2009Meeting Minutes LCB090625minutes.pdf
05/28/2009Meeting Agenda LCB090528mtg.pdf
05/28/2009Meeting Minutes May 28thDOC2.pdf
05/28/2009Meeting Document Derbish Voting Signed.pdf
03/26/2009Meeting Agenda LCB090326mtg.pdf
03/26/2009Meeting Minutes MAR2609MINUTES.pdf
02/21/2009Meeting Agenda LCB090221mtg.pdf
02/21/2009Meeting Minutes February 21st2009RETREAT.pdf
12/11/2008Meeting Agenda LCB081211mtg.pdf
12/11/2008Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes 081211.pdf
10/23/2008Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_10_23_2008.pdf
10/23/2008Meeting Minutes LCB Minutes 081023.pdf
09/25/2008Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_9_25_2008.pdf
09/25/2008Meeting Minutes LCB080925.pdf
07/24/2008Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_7_24_2008.pdf
07/24/2008Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_7_24_2008.pdf
06/05/2008Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_6_5_2008.pdf
06/05/2008Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_6_5_2008.pdf
04/24/2008Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_4_24_2008.pdf
04/24/2008Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_4_24_2008.pdf
02/28/2008Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_2_28_2008.pdf
02/28/2008Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_2_28_2008.pdf
12/13/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_12_13_2007.pdf
12/13/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_12_13_2007.pdf
09/27/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_9_27_2007.pdf
09/27/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_9_27_2007.pdf
08/23/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_8_23_2007.pdf
08/23/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_8_23_2007.pdf
07/26/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_7_26_2007.pdf
07/26/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_7_26_2007.pdf
05/24/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_5_24_2007.pdf
05/24/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_5_24_2007.pdf
03/22/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_3_22_2007.pdf
03/22/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_3_22_2007.pdf
01/25/2007Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_1_25_2007.pdf
01/25/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_1_25_2007.pdf
01/25/2007Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_1_25_2007.pdf
10/26/2006Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_10_26_2006.pdf
10/26/2006Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_10_26_2006.pdf
09/28/2006Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_9_28_2006.pdf
09/28/2006Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_9_28_2006.pdf
07/27/2006Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_7_27_2006.pdf
07/27/2006Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_7_27_2006.pdf
05/25/2006Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_5_25_2006.pdf
05/25/2006Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_5_25_2006.pdf
12/08/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_12_8_2005.pdf
12/08/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_12_8_2005.pdf
10/27/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_10_27_2005.pdf
10/27/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_10_27_2005.pdf
09/22/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_9_22_2005.pdf
09/22/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_9_22_2005.pdf
07/28/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_7_28_2005.pdf
07/28/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_7_28_2005.pdf
07/07/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_7_7_2005.pdf
07/07/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_7_7_2005.pdf
06/23/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_6_23_2005.pdf
06/23/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_6_23_2005.pdf
05/26/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_5_26_2005.pdf
05/26/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_5_26_2005.pdf
04/28/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_4_28_2005.pdf
04/28/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_4_28_2005.pdf
03/24/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_3_24_2005.pdf
03/24/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_3_24_2005.pdf
03/18/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_3_18_2005.pdf
03/18/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_3_18_2005.pdf
03/07/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_3_7_2005.pdf
03/07/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_3_7_2005.pdf
02/24/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_2_24_2005.pdf
02/24/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_2_24_2005.pdf
01/27/2005Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_1_27_2005.pdf
01/27/2005Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_1_27_2005.pdf
12/09/2004Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_12_9_2004.pdf
12/09/2004Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_12_9_2004.pdf
10/28/2004Meeting Agenda 22_Agenda_10_28_2004.pdf
10/28/2004Meeting Minutes 22_Minutes_10_28_2004.pdf