Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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Meeting DateDocument Type 
09/09/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda sept 2019.docx
08/12/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda august 2019_final.docx
08/12/2019Meeting Minutes VSAB minutesaug2019.pdf
07/08/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda july 2019_final.pdf
06/10/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda june 2019.docx
05/13/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda may2019.docx
05/13/2019Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes may2019.docx
04/08/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda april2019.docx
04/08/2019Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes march 20192-1.docx
03/11/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda march 2019- Final.docx
03/11/2019Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes march 20192-1.docx
02/11/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda February 2019.docx
02/11/2019Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes February2019.docx
01/14/2019Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda January 2019.docx
01/14/2019Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes January 2019.docx
12/10/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda dec2018.docx
12/10/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes December 2018.docx
10/08/2018Meeting Agenda Agenda VSAB Oct 18.docx
10/08/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes October 2018.docx
09/10/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda sept 2018.docx
09/10/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes sept 2018.docx
08/13/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda Aug 2018.docx
08/13/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes Aug 2018 (002).docx
07/09/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda July 2018.docx
07/09/2018Meeting Minutes VSABminutes July 2018.docx
06/11/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda June 2018.docx
06/11/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes June 2018.docx
05/14/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda May 2018.docx
05/14/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes May 2018.docx
04/09/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda April 2018.docx
03/12/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda March 2018.docx
02/12/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda February 2018.docx
02/12/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes draft January 2018.docx
01/08/2018Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda January 2018.docx
01/08/2018Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes January 2018.docx
12/11/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda December 2017.docx
12/11/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes Dec 2017 (2).docx
11/13/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda November 2017.docx
11/13/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes November 2017.docx
10/09/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda October 2017.docx
10/09/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes October 2017.docx
08/14/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda August 2017.docx
08/14/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes Aug 2017.docx
07/10/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda July 2017.docx
07/10/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB MinutesJuly 2017.docx
06/12/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda June 2017draft.docx
06/12/2017Meeting Minutes vsab minutes june 2017.docx
05/08/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda May 2017.docx
05/08/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes May 2017.docx
04/10/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda Apr 2017.docx
04/10/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes April 2017.docx
03/13/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda Mar 2017.docx
03/13/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB minutes March 2017.docx
02/13/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda Feb 2017.pdf
02/13/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes Feb 2017.docx
01/09/2017Meeting Agenda VSAB Agenda Jan 2017 .pdf
01/09/2017Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes Jan 2017.pdf
12/12/2016Meeting Agenda VABADGENDADEC2016 (1).pdf
12/12/2016Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes Dec 2016 .pdf
11/14/2016Meeting Agenda VSAB AGENDA NOV 14.docx
11/14/2016Meeting Minutes VSAB Minutes Nov 2016 .docx
10/10/2016Meeting Agenda agendaoct 10 2016 amended.docx
10/10/2016Meeting Minutes MinutesvabOct2016.pdf
09/12/2016Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda Sept 8 2016.pdf
08/08/2016Meeting Agenda agendaaug2016.pdf
08/08/2016Meeting Minutes MinVABAug82016.docx
07/11/2016Meeting Agenda July 11 agenda 2016.pdf
07/11/2016Meeting Minutes Minutes of Veterans Advisory Board July 17.docx
06/13/2016Meeting Agenda Scan029.pdf
06/13/2016Meeting Minutes MinutesvabJune112016.pdf
05/09/2016Meeting Agenda May 2016 agenda.pdf
05/09/2016Meeting Minutes Minutesvab5916.pdf
04/11/2016Meeting Agenda agenda vsab april11 2016.pdf
04/11/2016Meeting Minutes Minutesa4112016.pdf
03/14/2016Meeting Agenda March agenda 2016.pdf
02/08/2016Meeting Agenda agendafeb2016.pdf
02/08/2016Meeting Minutes minutesvsabfeb2016.pdf
01/11/2016Meeting Agenda VABJanAgenda.pdf
01/11/2016Meeting Minutes Minutes vsabjan 2016.docx
12/14/2015Meeting Agenda vsab agenda dec 2015.pdf
11/09/2015Meeting Agenda november 2015 agenda vsab.pdf
11/09/2015Meeting Minutes Minutesab110915.docx
10/12/2015Meeting Agenda VSAB agenda oct 12 2015.pdf
10/12/2015Meeting Minutes Minutesaca10122015alt.pdf
09/14/2015Meeting Agenda Sept 2015 VAB Agenda.docx
09/14/2015Meeting Minutes Minutesaca9142015.pdf
08/10/2015Meeting Agenda August 2015 VAB Agenda.pdf
08/10/2015Meeting Minutes AUGUST 10.2015 - MEETING MINUTES - VETERANS ADVISORY BOARD.docx
07/13/2015Meeting Agenda July 2015 VAB Agenda.pdf
07/13/2015Meeting Minutes Alachua County Veteran July 2015 Minutes.docx
06/08/2015Meeting Agenda June 2015 VAB Agenda.docx
06/08/2015Meeting Minutes June 2015 VAB Minutes.pdf
05/11/2015Meeting Agenda May 2015 VAB Agenda.pdf
05/11/2015Meeting Minutes Veterans Advisory Board may 2015.docx
04/13/2015Meeting Agenda April 2015 VAB Agenda.docx
04/13/2015Meeting Minutes Veterans Advisory Board apr 2015.docx
03/09/2015Meeting Agenda March 2015 VAB Agenda.pdf
03/09/2015Meeting Minutes vsabminutesmarch2015.docx
02/09/2015Meeting Agenda VAB Agemda February 2015.pdf
02/09/2015Meeting Minutes VAB February 9 2015 Minutes.pdf
01/12/2015Meeting Agenda January 2015 VAB Agenda.pdf
01/12/2015Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes III 2.docx
12/08/2014Meeting Agenda DEC 2014 VAB Agenda.pdf
12/08/2014Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes II Dec 2014.docx
11/10/2014Meeting Agenda November 2014 VAB Agenda.pdf
11/10/2014Meeting Minutes NOV 2014 VAB Minutes.pdf
10/13/2014Meeting Agenda October 2014 VAB Agenda (Revised).pdf
10/13/2014Meeting Minutes October 2014 Minutes.pdf
10/13/2014Meeting Agenda October 2014 VAB Agenda.pdf
10/13/2014Meeting Minutes October 2014 Minutes.pdf
09/08/2014Meeting Agenda September agenda2014.docx
09/08/2014Meeting Minutes September 2014 Minutes.docx
08/11/2014Meeting Agenda August 2014 VAB Agenda.pdf
08/11/2014Meeting Minutes August 2014 Minutes.docx
07/14/2014Meeting Agenda July 2014 VAB Agenda.docx
07/14/2014Meeting Minutes July 2014 Minutes.docx
06/09/2014Meeting Agenda June 2014 VAB Agenda.docx
06/09/2014Meeting Minutes June 2014 Minutes.docx
05/12/2014Meeting Agenda Alachua County Veterans Service Advisory Board.pdf
05/12/2014Meeting Minutes May 2014 Minutes.docx
04/14/2014Meeting Agenda April 2014 VAB Agenda.docx
04/14/2014Meeting Minutes April 2014 Minutes.docx
03/10/2014Meeting Agenda VAB MARCH 2014 AGENDA.doc
03/10/2014Meeting Minutes March 2014 Minutes.docx
02/10/2014Meeting Agenda VAB FEBRUARY 2014 AGENDA.doc
01/13/2014Meeting Agenda VAB January 2014 AGENDA.doc
01/13/2014Meeting Minutes January 2014Minutes 2.docx
01/13/2014Meeting Agenda VAB January 2014 AGENDA.doc
12/09/2013Meeting Agenda VAB December 2013 AGENDA.doc
12/09/2013Meeting Minutes December2013Minutes.docx
11/12/2013Meeting Agenda VAB NOVEMBER AGENDA.doc
11/12/2013Meeting Minutes November2013 (1).docx
10/14/2013Meeting Minutes October14Minutes.docx
08/12/2013Meeting Agenda Agenda AUGUST 12 2013.docx
07/08/2013Meeting Agenda Agenda 7-8-2013.docx
07/08/2013Meeting Minutes Minutes 07-08-2013.pdf
06/10/2013Meeting Agenda Agenda JUNE 10 2013.docx
06/10/2013Meeting Minutes Minutes 06-10-2013 2.docx
05/13/2013Meeting Agenda Agenda 05-13-2013.rtf
05/13/2013Meeting Minutes Minutes 05-13-2013 corrected.docx
04/08/2013Meeting Agenda Agenda 4-8-2013.rtf
03/11/2013Meeting Agenda Agenda Mar 11 2013.rtf
03/11/2013Meeting Minutes Minutes 03-11-2013.docx
02/11/2013Meeting Agenda FEB 11 2013 AGENDA.rtf
02/11/2013Meeting Minutes Minutes 02-11-2013.pdf
01/14/2013Meeting Agenda AGENDA - Jan 14 2013.rtf
01/14/2013Meeting Minutes Minutes 01-14-2013.docx
12/10/2012Meeting Agenda AGENDA Dec 2012.docx
12/10/2012Meeting Minutes Minutes 12-10-2012.docx
11/12/2012Meeting Minutes Minutes 11-13-2012.docx
10/08/2012Meeting Agenda Oct 2012 AGENDA.doc
10/08/2012Meeting Minutes VABMinutes 10-8-2012.docx
09/10/2012Meeting Agenda Agenda 9-10-2012.docx
09/10/2012Meeting Minutes Minutes 09-10-2012.doc
08/13/2012Meeting Agenda Agenda 8-13-2012.docx
07/09/2012Meeting Agenda Agenda 7-9-2012.docx
07/09/2012Meeting Minutes Agenda 7-9-2012.docx
06/11/2012Meeting Agenda Agenda 6-11-2012.rtf
05/14/2012Meeting Agenda Agenda 5-14-2012.docx
05/14/2012Meeting Minutes Minutes 05-14-2012.rtf
04/09/2012Meeting Agenda Agneda 04-09-2012.rtf
03/12/2012Meeting Agenda AGENDA 03-12-2012.docx
03/12/2012Meeting Minutes Minutes 03-12-2012.rtf
02/13/2012Meeting Agenda VAB AGENDA 02-13-2012.rtf
01/09/2012Meeting Agenda AGENDA Jan 2012.docx
12/12/2011Meeting Agenda Agenda 12-12-2011.docx
12/12/2011Meeting Minutes Minutes 12-12-2011.docx
10/10/2011Meeting Agenda AGENDA 10-10-2011.docx
10/10/2011Meeting Minutes advisory board minutes 10-2011.docx
09/12/2011Meeting Agenda advisory board agenda 9-12-2011.docx
08/08/2011Meeting Agenda VAB Agenda Aug 2011.docx
08/08/2011Meeting Minutes Veterans Advisory Board minutes Aug 2011.docx
07/11/2011Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes 7-11-2011.docx
05/09/2011Meeting Agenda VETERANS ADVISORY BOARD AGENDA MAY 2011.docx
05/09/2011Meeting Minutes advisory board minutes (2)May 2011.docx
04/11/2011Meeting Agenda VAB Agenda April 2011.docx
04/11/2011Meeting Minutes advisory board minutes (2) Apr 2011.docx
03/14/2011Meeting Agenda Veterans Advisory Board Agenda 3-14-2011.docx
02/14/2011Meeting Agenda Advisory Board Meeting Agenda 2-14-2011.docx
02/14/2011Meeting Minutes advisory board minutes 2011-02R.pdf
01/10/2011Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes January 2011.pdf
12/13/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes December 2010.pdf
11/08/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes November 2010.pdf
10/11/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes October 2010.pdf
09/13/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes September 2010.pdf
08/09/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes 08-09-10.pdf
07/12/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes July 2010.pdf
06/14/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes June 2010.pdf
04/12/2010Meeting Minutes VAB 04-12-10.pdf
03/08/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes 3-8-10.pdf
02/08/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes 02-08-10.pdf
01/11/2010Meeting Minutes VAB Minutes 1-11-10.pdf
10/12/2009Meeting Minutes Veterans Board Minutes- 10-12-09.pdf
09/14/2009Meeting Minutes Veterans Advisory Board Minutes 9-14-2009.pdf
05/21/2008Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_5_21_2008.pdf
10/17/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_10_17_2007.pdf
09/19/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_9_19_2007.pdf
07/18/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_7_18_2007.pdf
06/20/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_6_20_2007.pdf
05/16/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_5_16_2007.pdf
04/18/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_4_18_2007.pdf
03/21/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_3_21_2007.pdf
02/21/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_2_21_2007.pdf
01/17/2007Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_1_17_2007.pdf
11/15/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_11_15_2006.pdf
10/18/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_10_18_2006.pdf
09/20/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_9_20_2006.pdf
08/16/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_8_16_2006.pdf
07/19/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_7_19_2006.pdf
06/21/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_6_21_2006.pdf
05/17/2006Meeting Agenda 35_Agenda_5_17_2006.pdf
05/17/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_5_17_2006.pdf
04/19/2006Meeting Agenda 35_Agenda_4_19_2006.pdf
04/19/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_4_19_2006.pdf
03/15/2006Meeting Agenda 35_Agenda_3_15_2006.pdf
03/15/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_3_15_2006.pdf
02/15/2006Meeting Agenda 35_Agenda_2_15_2006.pdf
02/15/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_2_15_2006.pdf
01/18/2006Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_1_18_2006.pdf
10/19/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_10_19_2005.pdf
09/21/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_9_21_2005.pdf
08/17/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_8_17_2005.pdf
07/20/2005Meeting Agenda 35_Agenda_7_20_2005.pdf
07/20/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_7_20_2005.pdf
06/15/2005Meeting Agenda 35_Agenda_6_15_2005.pdf
06/15/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_6_15_2005.pdf
03/16/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_3_16_2005.pdf
02/16/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_2_16_2005.pdf
01/19/2005Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_1_19_2005.pdf
11/17/2004Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_11_17_2004.pdf
11/17/2004Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_11_17_2004.pdf
09/15/2004Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_9_15_2004.pdf
08/18/2004Meeting Minutes 35_Minutes_8_18_2004.pdf