Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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Meeting DateDocument Type 
01/17/2019Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 1.17.19.pdf
12/20/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 12.20.18.pdf
12/20/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 12.20.18.pdf
11/15/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 11.15.18.pdf
11/15/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 11.15.18.pdf
10/18/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 10.18.18.pdf
10/18/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 10.18.18.pdf
09/20/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 9.20.18.pdf
09/20/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 9.20.18.pdf
08/16/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 8.16.18.pdf
08/16/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 8.16.18.pdf
07/19/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 7.19.18.pdf
07/19/2018Meeting Minutes AB Agenda 7.19.18.pdf
06/21/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 6.21.18.pdf
05/17/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 5.17.18.pdf
05/17/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 5.17.18.pdf
03/15/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 3.15.18.pdf
02/15/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 2.15.18.pdf
01/18/2018Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 1.18.18.pdf
01/18/2018Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 1.18.18.pdf
11/16/2017Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 11.16.17.docx
10/19/2017Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 10.26.17.docx
10/19/2017Meeting Minutes Oct 2017 AC Minutes.pdf
09/21/2017Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 9.21.17.docx
09/21/2017Meeting Minutes Sept 2017 AC Minutes.pdf
05/18/2017Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 5.18.17.docx
05/18/2017Meeting Minutes May 2017 AC Minutes.pdf
03/16/2017Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 3.16.17.docx
03/16/2017Meeting Minutes Mar 2017 AC Minutes.pdf
01/19/2017Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 1.19.17.docx
01/19/2017Meeting Minutes Jan 2017 AC Minutes.pdf
11/17/2016Meeting Agenda AB Agenda 11.17.16.docx
11/17/2016Meeting Minutes Nov 2016 AC Minutes.pdf
10/20/2016Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 10.20.16.docx
09/15/2016Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 9.15.16.docx
04/21/2016Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 4.21.16.docx
02/18/2016Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 2.18.16.docx
01/21/2016Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 1.21.16.docx
06/18/2015Meeting Agenda 6 18 15 AB_Agenda.docx
06/18/2015Meeting Minutes June 2015 minutes.pdf
05/21/2015Meeting Agenda 05-21-15 AB_Agenda.docx
05/21/2015Meeting Minutes May 2015 minutes.pdf
04/16/2015Meeting Agenda 04-16-15 AB Agenda.docx
02/19/2015Meeting Agenda Feb 2015 AB Agenda.docx
01/08/2015Meeting Agenda 01-08-15 AB Agenda.docx
12/18/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda Dec 2014.docx
10/16/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda Oct 2014.docx
09/18/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda Sept 2014.docx
09/18/2014Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 9.18.14.tif
08/21/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda Aug 2014.docx
08/21/2014Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 8.21.14.docx
07/17/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda July 2014.docx
07/17/2014Meeting Minutes AB Minutes 7.17.14.docx
06/19/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda June 2014.docx
06/19/2014Meeting Minutes AB minutes 6.19.14.docx
05/15/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda May 2014.docx
05/15/2014Meeting Minutes AB minutes 5.15.14.docx
04/17/2014Meeting Agenda AB Agenda April 2014.docx
04/17/2014Meeting Minutes AB minutes 4.17.14.docx
01/23/2014Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC Agenda Jan 2014.docx
01/23/2014Meeting Minutes august2013 minutes abc.docx
08/22/2013Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC Agenda August 2013.docx
08/22/2013Meeting Document july2013 minutes abc.docx
08/22/2013Meeting Document ACVSRCC Agenda August 2013.docx
07/25/2013Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC Agenda July 2013.docx
07/25/2013Meeting Minutes may2013 minutes abc.docx
05/23/2013Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC Agenda May 2013. 23.docx
05/23/2013Meeting Minutes ACVSRCC ADC Meeting 12.6.12.docx
01/24/2013Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC Agenda January 24, 2013.docx
12/06/2012Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC Agenda December 6. 2012.docx
12/06/2012Meeting Minutes Special meeting MinutesACVSRCC ACAgenda September 6 2012.docx
10/25/2012Meeting Minutes Special meeting MinutesACVSRCC ACAgenda September 6 2012.docx
10/25/2012Meeting Minutes June 28 2012 Minutes Victim Services Rape Crisis Center.docx
10/25/2012Meeting Document Special meeting MinutesACVSRCC ACAgenda September 6 2012.docx
09/27/2012Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC ACAgenda Sept 27, 2012.docx
09/27/2012Meeting Minutes June 28 2012 Minutes Victim Services Rape Crisis Center.docx
08/23/2012Meeting Agenda ACVSRCC ACAgenda August 23, 2012.docx
07/26/2012Meeting Agenda AgendaJuly 26,2012.docx
07/26/2012Meeting Document Brief outline of advisory board staff liaison responsibilities.docx
07/26/2012Meeting Document Advisory Board Member Handbook.pdf
06/28/2012Meeting Agenda AgendaJune 28, 2012.docx
06/28/2012Meeting Minutes March 22, 2012 Minutes.docx
06/28/2012Meeting Document 2012Advisory Board Bylaw1 2012 2013.doc
05/31/2012Meeting Agenda AgendaMay 31.2012.docx
03/22/2012Meeting Agenda AgendaMarch 22.2012.docx
02/23/2012Meeting Agenda AgendaFebruary 23.2012.docx
02/23/2012Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 9-22-11.docx
01/26/2012Meeting Agenda AgendaJanuary 26.2012.docx
01/26/2012Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 9-22-11.docx
09/22/2011Meeting Agenda AgendaSeptember 22.2011.docx
09/22/2011Meeting Minutes May 26 2011 Meeting Minutes.docx
09/22/2011Meeting Document ACVSRCC2011-12 workplan[1].docx
05/26/2011Meeting Agenda AgendaMay26.2011.docx
05/26/2011Meeting Minutes 2011 January 27 Meeting.docx
09/23/2010Meeting Agenda AgendaSeptember.23.2010.docx
09/23/2010Meeting Minutes VSRCC August.26.2010 Minutes.docx
08/26/2010Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 8.26.10.doc
07/22/2010Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda July.22.2010.doc
07/22/2010Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 3-25-10rev.doc
04/22/2010Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda April 22.10.doc
03/25/2010Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 3-25-10.doc
03/25/2010Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 2-25-10rev.doc
02/25/2010Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 2-25-10.doc
02/25/2010Meeting Minutes Jan 2010 VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes.doc
01/28/2010Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 2-25-10.doc
10/22/2009Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 10-22-09.docx
10/22/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 10-22-09 rev..doc
09/24/2009Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 9-24-09.doc
09/24/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 8-27-09 rev.doc
08/27/2009Meeting Agenda 08.27.09 VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda.doc
08/27/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 7-23-09.doc
07/23/2009Meeting Agenda 7.23.09 VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda.doc
07/23/2009Meeting Minutes 5.28.09 Advisory Board Minutes.doc
06/25/2009Meeting Agenda 06. 25.09 Agenda.docx
05/28/2009Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 5-28-09 (doc) - Revised.doc
05/28/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 4-23-09.doc
04/23/2009Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 4-23-09 (doc).doc
04/23/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 3-26-09 (doc) rev.1.doc
02/26/2009Meeting Agenda VSRCC Advisory Board Agenda 2-26-09.docx
02/26/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 2-26-09.docx
01/22/2009Meeting Agenda AGENDA ADVISORY BOARD MEETING 1.22.09.docx
01/22/2009Meeting Minutes VSRCC Advisory Board Minutes 1-22-09 - Amended.docx
12/04/2008Meeting Agenda Dec.4.08 VS&RCC advisory board meeting agenda.doc
12/04/2008Meeting Minutes 12.4.08 Alachua County Victim Services council mtg..docx
10/23/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_10_23_2008.pdf
10/23/2008Meeting Minutes 10.23.08 Alachua County Victim Services.docx
09/25/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_9_25_2008.pdf
09/25/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_9_25_2008.pdf
08/28/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_8_28_2008.pdf
08/28/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_8_28_2008.pdf
07/24/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_7_24_2008.pdf
07/24/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_7_24_2008.pdf
06/26/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_6_26_2008.pdf
05/22/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_5_22_2008.pdf
05/22/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_5_22_2008.pdf
04/24/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_4_24_2008.pdf
04/24/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_4_24_2008.pdf
03/27/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_3_27_2008.pdf
03/27/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_3_27_2008.pdf
02/28/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_2_28_2008.pdf
02/28/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_2_28_2008.pdf
01/24/2008Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_1_24_2008.pdf
01/24/2008Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_1_24_2008.pdf
12/06/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_12_6_2007.pdf
12/06/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_12_6_2007.pdf
12/06/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_12_6_2007.pdf
10/25/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_10_25_2007.pdf
09/27/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_9_27_2007.pdf
09/27/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_9_27_2007.pdf
09/27/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_9_27_2007.pdf
08/23/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_8_23_2007.pdf
07/26/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_7_26_2007.pdf
06/28/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_6_28_2007.pdf
05/24/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_5_24_2007.pdf
04/26/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_4_26_2007.pdf
04/26/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_4_26_2007.pdf
03/22/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_3_22_2007.pdf
02/22/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_2_22_2007.pdf
02/22/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_2_22_2007.pdf
01/25/2007Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_1_25_2007.pdf
01/25/2007Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_1_25_2007.pdf
11/30/2006Meeting Agenda 44_Agenda_11_30_2006.pdf
11/30/2006Meeting Minutes 44_Minutes_11_30_2006.pdf