Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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Meeting DateDocument Type 
10/17/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 10.17.2019.docx
08/08/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 08.08.2019.docx
08/08/2019Meeting Minutes AHAC 08.08.19 Minutes.docx
05/23/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 05.23.2019.docx
05/16/2019Meeting Agenda 05.16.2019 - Hawthorne Meeting Form.pdf
05/07/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 05.07.2019.docx
04/24/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 04.24.2019.docx
04/11/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 04.11.2019.doc
03/27/2019Meeting Agenda AHAC - CATF Agenda 03.27.2019.doc
03/27/2019Meeting Minutes AHAC 03-27-19 Minutes.docx
01/29/2019Meeting Agenda CATF Agenda 01-29-19.doc
01/29/2019Meeting Minutes AHAC 01-29-19 Minutes.docx
10/15/2018Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 10-15-18.doc
10/15/2018Meeting Minutes AHAC 10-15-18.docx
09/26/2018Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 9-26-18.doc
09/26/2018Meeting Minutes AHAC 09-26-18 Minutes .docx
08/30/2018Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 083018.doc
08/30/2018Meeting Minutes AHAC 08-30-18 Minutes .docx
04/19/2018Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 041918.doc
04/19/2018Meeting Minutes AHAC 04-19-18 Minutes .docx
04/19/2018Meeting Document Comp Plan Notification Letter.pdf
04/19/2018Meeting Document Housing Issue Paper.pdf
04/19/2018Meeting Document AHAC COMP PLAN DISCUSSION.pdf
03/06/2018Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 030618.doc
03/06/2018Meeting Minutes AHAC 030618 Minutes.docx
01/11/2018Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 011118.doc
01/11/2018Meeting Minutes AHAC 100517 Minutes.docx
12/07/2017Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 120717.doc
12/07/2017Meeting Minutes AHAC 100517 Minutes.docx
10/05/2017Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 100517.doc
05/18/2017Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 051817.pdf
03/16/2017Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 031617.pdf
01/19/2017Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 011917.pdf
01/19/2017Meeting Minutes AHAC 011917 Minutes.pdf
01/19/2017Meeting Document CDBG HAP 2-11-14.pdf
11/15/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 111516.pdf
11/15/2016Meeting Minutes DRAFT Minutes 111516(Regular).pdf
11/15/2016Meeting Document AHAC Report on Incentives FINAL 11-15-16 (2).pdf
11/15/2016Meeting Agenda Joint AHAC Agenda 11-15-16.pdf
11/15/2016Meeting Minutes Draft Minutes 111516.pdf
11/15/2016Meeting Document Joint City County SHIP LHAP Presentation November 15 2016 Final (2).pdf
10/20/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 102016.pdf
09/15/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 091516 (2).pdf
09/15/2016Meeting Minutes Draft Minutes 091516.pdf
09/15/2016Meeting Document Shimberg Alachua AHAC pres ar091516 v1.pdf
08/18/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 081816 (2).pdf
08/18/2016Meeting Minutes Final Minutes 081516.pdf
07/28/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 072816 Special Meeting.pdf
07/28/2016Meeting Minutes FINAL Minutes 7-28-16.pdf
07/21/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 072116.pdf
07/21/2016Meeting Minutes FINAL Minutes 072116.pdf
06/16/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda 061616.doc
06/16/2016Meeting Minutes FINAL Minutes 061616.pdf
05/19/2016Meeting Agenda AHACagenda051916.pdf
05/19/2016Meeting Minutes FINAL Minutes 5-19-16.pdf
03/24/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 03 24 2016.doc
03/24/2016Meeting Minutes FINALMinutes 3-24-16.docx
02/25/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 02-25-16.pdf
02/25/2016Meeting Minutes Minutes 2-25-16.docx
01/21/2016Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 01 21 2016.pdf
11/19/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 11 19 2015.pdf
11/19/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 11 19 15.pdf
09/24/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 09 24 2015.pdf
09/24/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 09 24 15.pdf
08/20/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 08 20 2015.pdf
08/20/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 08 20 15.pdf
07/16/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 07 16 2015.pdf
07/16/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 07 16 15.pdf
05/21/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 05 21 2015.pdf
05/21/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 05 21 15.pdf
04/30/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 04 30 2015 Special Meeting.pdf
04/30/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 04 30 15 special meeting.pdf
04/16/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 04 16 2015.pdf
04/16/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 04 16 15.pdf
03/19/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 03 19 2015.pdf
03/19/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 03 19 15 meeting.pdf
03/11/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 03 11 15 SPECIAL MEETING.pdf
03/11/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 03 11 15 special meeting.pdf
02/19/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 02 19 2015.pdf
02/19/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 01 15 15 meeting.pdf
01/15/2015Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 01 15 2015.pdf
01/15/2015Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 11 20 14 meeting workshop.pdf
11/20/2014Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 11 20 2014.pdf
11/20/2014Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 11 20 14 meeting workshop.pdf
10/16/2014Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 10 16 2014.pdf
10/16/2014Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 10 16 14 meeting.pdf
09/18/2014Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 09 18 2014.pdf
09/18/2014Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 09 18 14 meeting.pdf
04/17/2014Meeting Agenda DRAFT AHAC agenda 04 17 14.doc
02/20/2014Meeting Agenda DRAFT AHAC agenda 02 20 14.pdf
01/28/2014Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda 01 28 2014.pdf
01/28/2014Meeting Minutes draft AHAC Minutes 1-28-14 meeting.pdf
11/18/2013Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda - Nov 18 2013.pdf
11/01/2013Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda - Nov 1 2013.pdf
10/17/2013Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda - October 17, 2013.pdf
09/18/2013Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda - September 18, 2013.pdf
09/18/2013Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 9-18-13 meeting.pdf
08/29/2013Meeting Agenda AHAC agenda - August 29, 2013.pdf
08/29/2013Meeting Minutes draft AHAC Minutes 8-29-13 meeting.pdf
07/18/2013Meeting Agenda draft AHAC agenda - July 18, 2013.pdf
06/20/2013Meeting Agenda draft AHAC agenda - June 20, 2013.pdf
06/20/2013Meeting Minutes draft AHAC Minutes 6-20-13 meeting.pdf
05/16/2013Meeting Agenda draft AHAC agenda - May 16, 2013.pdf
05/16/2013Meeting Minutes draft AHAC Minutes 5-16-13 meeting.pdf
10/18/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA October 18, 2012.doc
09/20/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA September 20, 2012.doc
08/16/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA August 16, 2012.doc
08/16/2012Meeting Document Letter to BoCC re Cost Analysis ULDC proposed changes 08_13_2012.pdf
07/26/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA July 26, 2012.doc
06/28/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA June 28, 2012_revised_2.doc
06/28/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 06_28_2012.pdf
05/24/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA May 24, 2012.doc
05/24/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 05_24_2012.pdf
04/26/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA April 26, 2012.doc
04/26/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 04_26_2012.pdf
03/22/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA March 22, 2012.doc
03/22/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 03_22_2012.pdf
03/22/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 03_22_2012.pdf
02/16/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA February 16, 2012.doc
02/16/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 02_16_2012.pdf
01/19/2012Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA January 19, 2012.doc
01/19/2012Meeting Minutes Approved AHAC Minutes 01_19_2012.pdf
12/15/2011Meeting Document AHAC AGENDA December 15, 2011.doc
11/17/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA November 17, 2011.doc
10/20/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA October 20, 2011.docx
10/20/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 10-20-11.doc
09/22/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA Sept 22, 2011.docx
09/22/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 9-22-11.docx
07/21/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA July 21, 2011.docx
07/21/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 7-21-11.docx
06/23/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA June 23, 2011.docx
06/23/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 6-23-11.docx
05/26/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC Minutes 5-26-11.docx
05/26/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 5-26-11[1].docx
03/24/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA March 24, 2011.docx
03/24/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 3-24-11.docx
02/24/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA Feb 24, 2011.docx
02/24/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Minutes 2-24-11.docx
02/24/2011Meeting Document AHAC Braddy- Presentiona 2-24-11.ppt
02/24/2011Meeting Document AHAC Webster-Presentation 2-24-11.pdf
01/26/2011Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA Jan 26, 2011.docx
01/26/2011Meeting Minutes AHAC Draft Minutes 1-26-11.docx
11/10/2010Meeting Agenda AHAC AGENDA Nov 10, 2010.docx
11/10/2010Meeting Minutes AHAC Draft Minutes 11-10-10.docx
10/13/2010Meeting Agenda AHAC Agenda's.docx
10/13/2010Meeting Minutes AHAC MINUTES of October 13 2010 (2).docx
09/08/2010Meeting Agenda Draft Agenda 090810.docx
07/14/2010Meeting Agenda Draft Agenda 071410 (R1).docx
01/13/2010Meeting Agenda Agenda 011310.docx
10/14/2009Meeting Agenda Draft Agenda 101409.pdf
09/29/2009Meeting Agenda Draft Agenda 092909.pdf
09/09/2009Meeting Agenda Draft Agenda 092909.docx
08/12/2009Meeting Agenda Agenda 081209.docx
08/12/2009Meeting Minutes Draft AHAC Minutes 081209 (Amended).docx
07/08/2009Meeting Agenda Agenda 070809.docx
03/18/2009Meeting Agenda Agenda 031809.docx
03/18/2009Meeting Minutes Minutes 031809.doc
02/11/2009Meeting Agenda Draft Agenda 021109.doc
01/21/2009Meeting Agenda Agenda 012109.doc
01/21/2009Meeting Minutes Minutes 012109.doc
01/14/2009Meeting Agenda Agenda 011409.doc
01/14/2009Meeting Minutes Minutes 011409.doc
11/05/2008Meeting Agenda Agenda 11058.doc
11/05/2008Meeting Minutes Minutes 11058.doc
10/22/2008Meeting Agenda Agenda 10228.doc
10/22/2008Meeting Minutes Minutes 10228.doc
10/08/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_10_8_2008.pdf
10/08/2008Meeting Minutes Minutes 10088.doc
09/24/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_9_24_2008.pdf
09/24/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_9_24_2008.pdf
09/23/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_9_23_2008.pdf
09/23/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_9_23_2008.pdf
09/23/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_9_23_2008.pdf
09/10/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_9_10_2008.pdf
09/10/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_9_10_2008.pdf
08/27/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_8_27_2008.pdf
08/27/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_8_27_2008.pdf
08/21/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_8_21_2008.pdf
08/21/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_8_21_2008.pdf
08/13/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_8_13_2008.pdf
08/13/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_8_13_2008.pdf
07/30/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_7_30_2008.pdf
07/30/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_7_30_2008.pdf
07/16/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_7_16_2008.pdf
07/16/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_7_16_2008.pdf
07/02/2008Meeting Agenda 50_Agenda_7_2_2008.pdf
07/02/2008Meeting Minutes 50_Minutes_7_2_2008.pdf