Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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Meeting DateDocument Type 
01/14/2019Meeting Agenda 011419.docx
01/14/2019Meeting Minutes 111918.docx
01/14/2019Meeting Document Draft Art Council of Alachua County Strategic Plans for 3 years.pdf
01/14/2019Meeting Document PROPOSAL ACAC VLACAs.docx
11/19/2018Meeting Agenda 111918.docx
11/19/2018Meeting Minutes 092418.docx
11/19/2018Meeting Document 2018 Annual Work Plan and Accomplishments.docx
09/24/2018Meeting Agenda 092418.docx
09/24/2018Meeting Minutes 082018.docx
09/24/2018Meeting Document Miriam Novack.pdf
09/24/2018Meeting Document BR 18-814 CTA Bid Responsiviness Form.pdf
09/24/2018Meeting Document Michael Allard Artwork.pdf
09/24/2018Meeting Document Mary Reichardt artwork.pdf
09/24/2018Meeting Document Gwendolyn Chrzanowski artwork.pdf
09/24/2018Meeting Document Xiao Li artwork.pdf
08/20/2018Meeting Agenda 082018.docx
08/20/2018Meeting Minutes 072318.docx
08/20/2018Meeting Document Selection Criteria Process.docx
08/20/2018Meeting Document Turbado Marabou art list for city loan.doc.docx
08/20/2018Meeting Document woman of hossana.jpg
08/20/2018Meeting Document fades and fros full shot.jpg
08/20/2018Meeting Document midnight_in_the_swamp.jpg
08/20/2018Meeting Document sweetwater.jpg
08/20/2018Meeting Document Ltr of Support MIM 072418.docx
08/20/2018Meeting Document Wendy Low Admission of artwork.docx
08/20/2018Meeting Document Peggy Mixon.pdf
08/20/2018Meeting Document exhibit_and_display_9.17.doc
07/23/2018Meeting Agenda 072318.docx
07/23/2018Meeting Minutes 061818.docx
06/18/2018Meeting Agenda 061818 revised.docx
06/18/2018Meeting Minutes 052118.docx
06/18/2018Meeting Document art_show_flyer.pdf
06/18/2018Meeting Document CallToArtists-IgniteYourDream-StudentAndEmergingArtists-PRINT011017.pdf
06/18/2018Meeting Document exhibit_and_display_9.17.doc
06/18/2018Meeting Document TCG 2010 Call for entry.doc
05/21/2018Meeting Agenda 052118.docx
05/21/2018Meeting Minutes 051418.docx
05/14/2018Meeting Agenda 051418.docx
05/14/2018Meeting Minutes 042318.docx
04/23/2018Meeting Agenda 042318.docx