Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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Meeting DateDocument Type 
09/18/2019Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 091819 Meeting Checked.pdf
07/17/2019Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 071719.pdf
07/17/2019Meeting Minutes HCAB Meeting Summary for 071719 Approved 091819 Meeting ck.pdf
05/15/2019Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 051519.pdf
05/15/2019Meeting Minutes HCAB Meeting Summary for 051519 Approved 071719 ck.pdf
01/16/2019Meeting Minutes HCAB Meeting Minutes 051618 FINAL approved 071818.pdf
09/19/2018Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 091918.pdf
09/19/2018Meeting Minutes HCAB Meeting Minutes 091918 FINAL Approved 011619.pdf
07/18/2018Meeting Agenda HCAB 071818 Meeting.pdf
05/16/2018Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 051618.pdf
05/16/2018Meeting Minutes HCAB Meeting Minutes 051618 FINAL approved 071818.pdf
03/21/2018Meeting Agenda REV HCAB Agenda 3_21_18.pdf
03/21/2018Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 032118 FINAL Approved 051618.pdf
01/17/2018Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 011718.pdf
01/17/2018Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 011718 FINAL Approved 032118.pdf
11/15/2017Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 11_15_17.pdf
11/15/2017Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 111517 FINAL Approved 011718.pdf
07/19/2017Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 071917.pdf
07/19/2017Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 071917 FINAL Approved 111517.pdf
05/17/2017Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 051717.pdf
05/17/2017Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 051717 FINAL Approved 071917.pdf
03/15/2017Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 031517.pdf
01/18/2017Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 011817.pdf
01/18/2017Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 011817 FINAL Approved 031517.pdf
11/16/2016Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 11_16_16.pdf
09/21/2016Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_21_16.pdf
07/20/2016Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 7_20_16 Revised.pdf
05/18/2016Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 5_18_16.pdf
05/18/2016Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 5.18.2016.pdf
09/16/2015Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_16_15.pdf
09/16/2015Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_16_15.pdf
07/15/2015Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 07_15_15.pdf
07/15/2015Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 07_15_15.pdf
05/20/2015Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 05_20_15.pdf
05/20/2015Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 05_20_15.pdf
03/18/2015Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_18_15.pdf
03/18/2015Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 03_18_15.pdf
03/18/2015Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 3_19_14.pdf
01/21/2015Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 01_15_14.pdf
01/21/2015Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 1_15_14.pdf
09/17/2014Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_17_14.pdf
09/17/2014Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_17_14.pdf
05/28/2014Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 05_28_14.pdf
05/28/2014Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 5_28_14.pdf
03/19/2014Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_19_14.pdf
03/19/2014Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 3_19_14.pdf
01/15/2014Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 01_15_14.pdf
01/15/2014Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 1_15_14.pdf
11/20/2013Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 11_20_13.pdf
11/20/2013Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 11_20_13.pdf
09/18/2013Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_18_13.pdf
09/18/2013Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_18_13.pdf
07/17/2013Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 07_17_13.pdf
07/17/2013Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 07_17_13.pdf
05/15/2013Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 05_15_13.pdf
05/15/2013Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 05_15_13.pdf
03/20/2013Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_20_13.pdf
03/20/2013Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 03_20_13.pdf
01/16/2013Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 01_16_13.pdf
01/16/2013Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 01_16_13.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_19_12.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_19_12.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Document 2011-2012 HCAB Workplan.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Document 09.19.12 Work plan draft_CHIP.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Document 09.19.12 Oral Health Coalition Project Work Plan.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Document 09.19.12 CHIP Goals and objectives.pdf
09/19/2012Meeting Document 09.19.12 CHIP Goal and objectives Goal 2.pdf
07/18/2012Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 07_18_12.pdf
07/18/2012Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 07_18_12.pdf
03/21/2012Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_21_12.pdf
03/21/2012Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_21_12.pdf
03/21/2012Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 03_21_12.pdf
01/18/2012Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 01_18_12.pdf
01/18/2012Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 01_18_12.pdf
01/18/2012Meeting Document 01.18.12 Health facilities info.pdf
11/16/2011Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 11_16_11.pdf
11/16/2011Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 11_16_11.pdf
09/21/2011Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_21_11.pdf
09/21/2011Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_21_11.pdf
07/20/2011Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 07_20_11.pdf
07/20/2011Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 07_20_11.pdf
05/18/2011Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 5_18_11.pdf
05/18/2011Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 05_18_11.pdf
03/16/2011Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_16_11.pdf
03/16/2011Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 03_16_11.pdf
01/19/2011Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 01_19_11.pdf
01/19/2011Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 01_19_11.pdf
11/17/2010Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 11_17_10.pdf
11/17/2010Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 11_17_10.pdf
09/15/2010Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 09_15_10.pdf
09/15/2010Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_15_10.pdf
07/21/2010Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 7_21_10.pdf
05/19/2010Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 05_19_10.pdf
05/19/2010Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 05_19_10.pdf
03/17/2010Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 03_17_10.pdf
03/17/2010Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 03_17_10.pdf
11/18/2009Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 11_18_09.pdf
11/18/2009Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 11_18_09.pdf
09/16/2009Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 9_16_09.pdf
09/16/2009Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 09_16_09.pdf
06/17/2009Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 6_17_09.pdf
06/17/2009Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 6 17 09.pdf
05/20/2009Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 5_20_09.pdf
05/20/2009Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 5_20_09.pdf
05/20/2009Meeting Minutes 5 20 09.docx
03/18/2009Meeting Agenda HCAB Agenda 3_18_09.pdf
03/18/2009Meeting Minutes HCAB Minutes 3_18_09.pdf
03/18/2009Meeting Minutes 3_18_09.doc
01/21/2009Meeting Agenda 20090121-HCAB Agenda.pdf
01/21/2009Meeting Document Approved-Signed HCAB LETTER RE SHANDS AGH CLOSING09.pdf
12/03/2008Meeting Agenda 20081203-HCAB Agenda.pdf
12/03/2008Meeting Minutes 20081203-HCAB Minutes APPROVED.pdf
12/03/2008Meeting Document Health Care Advisory Board AGH Impacts and Recommendations Chart Transcripts.pdf
11/19/2008Meeting Agenda 20081119-HCAB Agenda.pdf
11/19/2008Meeting Minutes 20081119-HCAB Minutes APPROVED.pdf
11/19/2008Meeting Document 20081119_HCAB_Community Health Element Recommendation for EAR-FINAL.pdf
09/17/2008Meeting Agenda 20080917-HCAB Agenda.pdf
09/17/2008Meeting Minutes 20080917-HCAB Minutes APPROVED.pdf
09/17/2008Meeting Document 2008-2009 HCAB Workplan_Draft.pdf
07/16/2008Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_7_16_2008.pdf
05/21/2008Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_5_21_2008.pdf
03/19/2008Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_3_19_2008.pdf
03/19/2008Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_3_19_2008.pdf
01/16/2008Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_1_16_2008.pdf
01/16/2008Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_1_16_2008.pdf
11/14/2007Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_11_14_2007.pdf
11/14/2007Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_11_14_2007.pdf
09/19/2007Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_9_19_2007.pdf
09/19/2007Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_9_19_2007.pdf
07/18/2007Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_7_18_2007.pdf
07/18/2007Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_7_18_2007.pdf
05/16/2007Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_5_16_2007.pdf
05/16/2007Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_5_16_2007.pdf
03/21/2007Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_3_21_2007.pdf
03/21/2007Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_3_21_2007.pdf
01/17/2007Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_1_17_2007.pdf
01/17/2007Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_1_17_2007.pdf
11/15/2006Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_11_15_2006.pdf
11/15/2006Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_11_15_2006.pdf
09/20/2006Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_9_20_2006.pdf
07/19/2006Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_7_19_2006.pdf
07/19/2006Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_7_19_2006.pdf
05/17/2006Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_5_17_2006.pdf
05/17/2006Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_5_17_2006.pdf
03/15/2006Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_3_15_2006.pdf
03/15/2006Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_3_15_2006.pdf
01/18/2006Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_1_18_2006.pdf
01/18/2006Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_1_18_2006.pdf
11/16/2005Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_11_16_2005.pdf
11/16/2005Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_11_16_2005.pdf
09/21/2005Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_9_21_2005.pdf
09/21/2005Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_9_21_2005.pdf
07/20/2005Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_7_20_2005.pdf
07/20/2005Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_7_20_2005.pdf
05/18/2005Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_5_18_2005.pdf
05/18/2005Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_5_18_2005.pdf
03/16/2005Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_3_16_2005.pdf
03/16/2005Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_3_16_2005.pdf
01/19/2005Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_1_19_2005.pdf
01/19/2005Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_1_19_2005.pdf
11/17/2004Meeting Agenda 9_Agenda_11_17_2004.pdf
11/17/2004Meeting Minutes 9_Minutes_11_17_2004.pdf